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A specialty for decades, noise control is a key product line and logical compliment to our insulation offerings.

Kramig’s expertise is in the custom engineering and production of noise control systems. Examples of work include noise barrier systems , noise enclosures, sound wrap and removable blankets for auto manufacturers, the aviation industry and power facilities.

Kramig also provides installation of prefabricated soundproofing materials through materials supplied by Sound Seal.

Sound Attenuation

Limiting sound propagation from one area to another. This requires the application of special and standard insulation materials to encase or enclose the noise generating source, forming a sound barrier between the source and the surrounding area. This is the work of an insulation contractor. The purpose of the insulation contractor in sound attenuation is:

  • Reduce obnoxious noise levels emitting from machines, equipment, pipe lines or enclosures
  • Reduce general noise level in plant areas
  • Provide better work conditions
  • Comply with noise standards of OSHA and EPA